Thank You for your interest in volunteering at Brian's Farmers Markets!

We have an opening shift and closing shift


For UTC Farmers Market (Every Thursday)

Opening Shift:   1:00pm - 4:30pm
Closing Shift:    4:30pm -8:30pm


For Golden Hill Farmers Market (Every Saturday)

Opening Shift:  8:30am - 11:30am

Closing Shift: 11:30am - 2:30pm

Brian's Farmers' Markets truly values our volunteers. We will make every effort to see that you have a meaningful and pleasant experience.

As a volunteer you will be expected to act in a professional and courtesy manner when you are not able to attend the market.  Notice of 24 hrs is strongly requested if you are unable to attend.  However, if you have a sudden illness and cannot make the market a phone call or text message is mandatory.

What to expect while volunteering:

The bulk of the work is done at the beginning and the end of the markets.

Set up:

1. Putting out signs
2. Unloading and setting up chairs and tables and umbrellas/canopies
3. Unloading the management booths.
4. Setting up the management booths
5. Setting up the recycle/trash bins.
6. Setting up the electric

During the market: 

1. Operate the token/credit card processing
2. CSA program (manage baskets, check-off list, produce exchange)
3. Email list management
4. Every 5 minutes remind our local musicians not to play anything but their own original music, and not play any music copyrighted by ASCAP, BMI or other music rights owners. 
5. Surveys, and other types of marketing research (when applicable)
6. Weekly basket give aways (when applicable)

End of the market:

1. Break down everything and load the truck
2. Collect the signs
3. Tie up the garbage bags and recycling bags
4. Sweep the area, make sure no trash is anywhere to be found

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