Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

ASCAP(the big bad wolf) Is Trying to Blow Our Farmers' Markets Down!

Many are wondering why I never allow my musicians to play cover music. It stems back from an injustice that I learned of, regarding some of my fellow Farmers' Markets.  ASCAP and possibly other music copyright holders are going after the small guy, they have sued a group of farmers markets in Southern California for $80,000.00, because they had a few local musicians set up at the markets and these musicians allegedly were playing some music by another artist that was copyrighted by ASCAP. So now this group of farmers' markets are spending precious resources to fight this battle just so they can continue to provide these communities with local produce.   

Not only have they been hounding Farmers' Markets, they have also been hitting hard the local mom and pop coffee shops where new artists plant their first seeds of performing in front of an audience. As a farmers' market manager I have personally been told by the musicians that if they cannot play covers, then they cannot play at all. New musicians generally do not have a large enough selection of their own music to play a whole set, therefore they are left in the cold. I am not sure if ASCAP realizes that it is squelching the music industry and hurting the local musicains by using scare tactics and threats to achieve another sale of a copyright license laced with greed. It is without a doubt that ASCAP is not acting in the best interest of their artist they represent, the people who listen to thier music and especially, in this case, the people who grow our food, and our ever dwindling backbone, american farmer. 

As a market manager, I have become extremely strict about what music is played at my markets,  I will never allow music to be played that is associated with ASCAP.  I have actually ceased playing music altogether until I know exactly what my options are.   However, ASCAP is so heartless and greedy that they insisted that I had better purchase a license by the off chance that my musicians may accidently play a copyrighted song. REALLLY!  I have requested a list of ASCAPS 8.5 million songs but they say that it is impossible for them to send that to me. Yet, I am supposed to comply? ASCAP requires nearly $4000.00 per year to have the right to play thier music, we do not have that kind of a budget. However, due to the fact that I am convinced that ASCAP is not living up to a moral standard and has actually stooped to a level of basic greed, I am pledging to never buy, allow, play, support and listen to their music. I will never pay them a dime for attaining a license. I would rather not have any music than have to pay such a currupt bullying company. 

I am currently compiling a list of music and musicians that are NOT under the evil empire of ASCAP and other copyright companies.


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